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Development Of Home Security Systems

Currently, there is much advancement in home security systems college station tx , which is as a result of great advancement in technology. This advancement in home security got its roots hundreds years ago, and it has been depended upon by various modern technicians. This is well proven in the history of home security systems.

Background Of Home Security Systems
manual fire alarmIn the past, the residents’ safety was highly assured by invention and development of dead bolts. This was until there was rampant break-ins that people realized that their safety and that of their properties was note well-assured by use of these dead bolt locks. Back in 1800, detection of intrusion was made possible by use of chattering of geese as well as barking of guard dogs. It was after World War I when people were forced to subscribe to a ‘’door shaker’’ service due to an increased rate in break-ins. This was mainly done by night guards who ensured that door were locked during the night by shaking the subscribers’ doors.

Latter in 1853, Augustus Pope invented an amazing electro-magnetic alarm system. By then, Pope was living in Boston. In his gadget, which was battery-operated, he includes a bell, which could sense and ring when a door was opened. The bell would also ring whenever a window was opened. Latter, Augustus sold his idea to a business man by the name Edwin Holmes who marketed it. Edwin Holmes’s son latter developed an idea that used telephone lines in alarm system. In Boston, he used unused telephone before migrating to New York to introduce his idea.

Later in 1867, Edward A. introduced Central Monitoring System, which was more advanced in comparison to Edwin’s idea. By then, Edward A. was a well-known telegrapher. The idea stormed to his head after his master was robbed. Edward planned to use just one call box in fifty houses where a number of bells would be assigned to each and every house. In case of any intrusion, the bells would ring automatically. He intended to get quality service from his system. This created a room for the formation and development of an emergency central station, which would receive and respond to any call for aid. In 1871, Edward’s idea facilitated the formation of American District Telegraph (ADT), which was much successful in facilitating formation and development of Central Monitoring System. Latter, this system was used by policemen where polices were sent to house whenever the alarm went off.

wirelessDue to development and advancement in technology, the current alarms in the market are wireless, automated as well as sophisticated gadgets. By the aid of web-enabling devices, one can simply notice whether his/her door is well locked or not. Also, the remotely of the security system can be easily be armed. There is also a quick response to a triggered alarm in any house. It is thus advisable to install a security system in any commercial or residential house for safety.